How To Create A Winning Mission Strategy For Missions Of Change

It is a sad fact that most missions for change fail or make slow to no progress. That is why it is critical that difference makers, wayseers and agents of change learn how to create a winning mission strategy so their visions do not suffer the same fate as other projects for change. Good people,…

It is a sad fact that most missions for change fail or make slow to no progress. That is why it is critical that difference makers, wayseers and agents of change learn how to create a winning mission strategy so their visions do not suffer the same fate as other projects for change.

Good people, with great hearts, grand ideas and magnificent visions all too often struggled to get their message heard, least of all implemented in meaningful ways, that would create the better world we all desire to live in. I see it all too often. And what happens is the change we all want to see in the world just does not happen.

We can postulate as to the many reasons why missions for change fail, from it being the Government's fault to the human condition of fear of change. Regardless of the cause or causes, there are missions that succeed because they clearly have a winning strategy.

When creating your winning mission strategy here are some things to consider, that I have found to be fundamental to reaching mission accomplished. You may have heard much about The Law of Attraction since the movie The Secret came out. While millions of people have used this law to attract to them more money, a bigger car, a soulmate, I pose the question – why not use this Law and other Laws in Nature to create winning mission strategies that make a better world?

Here are some strategies that come from my working knowledge of the Universal Laws of Nature that govern our physical universe, commonly referred to as the Laws of Physics.

1. Align Your Mission To The Law of Expansion

The number one biggest mistake just about every change agent makes is designing a mission strategy that contravenes a very important Law called The Law of Expansion. It was Hubble who discovered our Universe was expanding at ever increasing speeds. There is a way that we can align our mission strategies to this Law to get past stuck and slow to no progress so we create consistent, predictable improvement towards mission accomplished. And that's simply to make sure the strategy by which you seek to achieve your opportunity expands the human experience in some way rather than contracts it.

We are on this planet to expand and elevate the human experience. All restrictive measures to prevent that from happening ever fail or crumble. We are baring witness to that fact in many areas of our word today.

2. Create Leverage With The Law of Growth, Periodicity and Mass Attraction

One of the biggest problems people on missions face is overwhelmed leading to burn out, because there is just too much frantic hard work without strategic growth. We could all do with greater leakage so we achieve more results with less effort. One of the best ways to leverage results it to incorporate the principles of the Law of Growth, Periodicity and Mass Attraction into your mission strategy. Going with nature instead of against it will ease the struggle and bring forth the leakage.

The Law of Growth states all things that live, including thoughts, seeking to attract like to itself. The Law of Periodicity states that everything has a cycle of birth, growth, fruition and decline and the Law of Mass Attraction is an equation we can use to determine how much mass or exposure we need for our mission, plus the distance we have to cover to attract the very results we want.

Creating leverage using The Laws of Nature particularly Growth, Periodicity and Mass Attraction is a little complicated to teach in this short article. But you can start with this one exercise.

Take a look at your current strategy, or if you are just beginning with your mission, write down your estimated achievement and means to get there. Now ask the question … “Is the means to my income congruent with that opportunity I am seeking?” In other words, am I doing the right kind of activities, am I thinking the right kind of thoughts, do I have the right kind of strategy that will lead to my desired goal rather than a goal I do not desire? “If not adjust your strategy.

Secondly look at your current mission strategy once again and determine where are you at within the Law of Periodicity – Are you in the birth, growth, fruition or decline phase? Once you have determined which phase you are in you build your strategy based on your current position. So if you are in the growth phase you need to be focused on the activities that will grow your opportunities, not abandon to start another mission or project or get distracted with too many balls in the air.

Finally determine how much mass you need, how much marketing material or exposure you need to attract the results that you'll be looking for or the people that will help you reach those outcomes. Whether that be customers that you need, or clients, supporters, funders and the like, you need to have enough mass to attract their support. This may require you to go back to look at your market research then adjusting your marketing plan within your overall mission strategy.

These are simply steps you can take to leverage your efforts. Imagine if you will a piece of string that that being being held loosely between your two hands. This piece of string is looped, has knots, dips down and is weak. Now try to imagine what would happen if you place a ring on one end, slightly slippery it so it slides into the other end of the string. Chances are the ring will stop dead in its tracks in the dip of the string, and not be able to make it to the other side without a lot of efforting.

Working with the Laws of Nature to create your winning strategic plan is like tightening the string, getting rid of the knots and kinks so the ring slides gracefully from one side to the other. You reach your goal with a whole lot less effort. You work smarter not harder. You can also incorporate these Laws and many others into your mission strategy plan to avoid dealing with relentless obstacles so that you finally reach mission accomplished, vision achieved, and arrive at the finish line breathing with energy to enjoy your accomplishments.